Media Relations


Media Relations - Shelly Strom Communications

Great stories propel media relations, along with the people and organizations in them.

My years of experience in newspapers allowed me to cultivate an innate ability to find and tell compelling stories. I also know what reporters and other media professionals are seeking.

I've also had great success in winning news coverage for stories where an external audience is appropriate. 

I've provided media relations for health care organizations, non-profits and political campaigns. I've has worked with TV stations and newspapers all around Oregon. My media relations strategies have resulted in mountains of news coverage, positive editorials and opinion columns published in the local news.

I'm also experienced in preparing individuals and teams to go before editorial boards, coaching people who want to write an opinion column, putting together a press release and distributing it, pitching stories to newspaper and TV reporters or simply being a resource for the media.

Here's a sampling of my media relations work: