Content Production


Content producer - Shelly Strom Communications

Great content lets your story sing. And I am the storyteller to have when you need to achieve strategic goals. 

I have a nose for "news" and curiosity that leads me to details that makes your story unique and one that audiences want to engage with.

Whether it's company news, leadership messaging, press releases, case studies, video or other content, I will get it done! Whether there's a fascinating story to tell or it's "just the facts."

I have extensive experience producing content for all kinds of organizations, including Kaiser Permanente, PeaceHealth, Portland Public Schools, the Port of Portland, Lemelson Foundation, marketing agencies, political campaigns and others. 

Here's a sampling of stories in my portfolio:

The video "Rebuilding a life after stroke" helps tell the story of great patient care at Kaiser Permanente Sunnyside Medical Center. I was responsible for employing a first-person account to tell the story around stroke care.  

This is a story about knee replacement surgery at Kaiser Sunnyside Medical Center that I brought to life.

Here's a creative approach (see above) for simplifying complex medical benefits.

Open Enrollment: Explore your choices! -- This is one element of an extensive communications plan I led for open enrollment of a 16,000-person workforce. 

From 18th-century labor to TaskRabbit, the flexible workforce is evolving

What does a traditional job look like? Many people would describe it as a full-time role with a single company. Yet, the FTE—full-time equivalent—employee/employer relationship is a fairly recent phenomenon. And it appears that the tide is turning from this full-time paradigm to one that pundits and analysts call the “gig economy.” Read more.

Is there a formula for .png

Is there a formula for success in flexible, independent work?

If you’re thinking about diving into life as a flex worker, you may be wondering whether there is a secret sauce for independent success. Considering that anyone thinking about freelancing should have mastery level skills in their areas of expertise, insight into what makes one person more successful than another can be elusive. Read more.