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Need talking points that keep leadership coordinated? How about a presentation on an organization-wide initiative? Maybe you have a complex subject to communicate to a variety of audiences. And what organization couldn't use the goodwill that authentic storytelling delivers?  

Whether you are a large or small organization or a sole proprietor, I have the experience you need to effectively communicate with your audiences.

Open enrollment at PeaceHealth

I provided leadership in creation and execution of a communications plan for PeaceHealth's 16,000-person open enrollment. I devised a campaign that was "lively and engaging" -- no small task for anything related to insurance! 

I consulted with the Benefits team to develop strategy and design a messaging plan. The campaign kicked-off with a postcard.  The theme of dogs riding in cars, along with a plain-English video explaining the company's high-deductible health plan was credited with engaging more of PeaceHealth's workforce than in the past. 

Results were tangible: Higher numbers of workers selected the high-deductible plan and the employee service center received far fewer inquires from confused employees.

I am available for consulting on how to effectively reach your audiences. I also can lead development and execution of your communications plan, no matter the topic. I'm experienced in organizational change management, workflow messaging, workforce programs, company news and other communications.